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Help/Hints for Westwood and Associates "Eye of the Beholder" circa 1990.

Board Games Vs Computer Games:
Computer Games ARE fun, but they suffer from the fact that 5-10 years down the road, they can become obsolete, or simply unplayable on modern hardware.
Board Games - as in Avalon Hill, Yaquinto, Battleline etc etc, are hardware independant, and are the games REAL grognards still play. Computer Games by definition on non-social experiences, sure you can play online against 100s of faceless people whom you know only by their handles. Board Games, usually REQUIRE you to play in the company of friends - or at least friendly enemies. When was the last time you gathered 6-10 people around a computer for a rousing wargame? This is a staple of some of the larger wargames such as the penultimate Space War Game: Starfleet Battles.

Birth of a MAME Arcade Machine
Just random pictures so far...

Enjoy Nature - Go Riding!
As a teenager 20 some years ago, I used to ride a non-street legal Suzuki 100cc motorcycle, and until 6 months ago, that was the last time I have ridden.
For years I have thought of buying a motorcycle and joining in the fun, but never did anything about it. Until May, 2002 that is.
I plunged back into riding on a used 1999 Honda Magna, a bike much larger than the Suzuki I used to own, but considerably smaller than my ideal ride, a Honda Goldwing.
I eventually did trade the Magna back in on the Goldwing, once I had regained my riding confidence and felt ready to tackle the larger bike.
After seeing brand-new 1800 Goldwings at a local dealership - now that I was comfortable with this size motorcyle, I felt it was finally time to own my first brand new motorcycle!
Pictures of both Wings - Old and New - can be found HERE.

If you are considering taking the plunge into riding motorcyles, I can not recommend HIGHLY enough, an organization such as MSF as an ideal way to safely learn how to ride. In some states, passing the course is all that is required to receive your motorcycle endorsement.
Now, if I only lived someplace where you could ride year 'round...

Every year local bikers participate in the "Teddy Bear Ride"!
This was our first year participating - and I took pictures of the 2004 ride!
As fun as it was though, it is important to remember that it was for a Very Good Cause

Renaissance Fayres or "RenFayres" are a ton of fun to attend, and usually feature groups like the S.C.A - The Society for Creative Anachronism. There is one in the Cleveland Ohio Area that takes place every Labor Day weekend: This Fayre is put on by Baycrafters.
Part of the fun is showing up in period costumes or "garb".
We have recently discovered and attended a much larger festival that runs for 9 weekends
in North East Ohio after the Fourth of July: The Great Lakes Medieval Faire
Pictures from Baycrafters and TGLRF can be found HERE

Classic Computing aka Retro Computing is becoming quite popular with folks who have cut their computing teeth on microcomputers that pre-date the modern hardware by 20 years or so.
My first computer ever, and one of my favorites was a TRS-80 Model 1, the only computer I have ever owned that I have really felt some sort of attachment for. Unlike modern day computers, my TRS-80 had/has character.

Others who yearn for memories from that long forgotten age can relieve them via the magic of Ebay.